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PO Box 1211, Hayes, VA 23072

On-Call: M-F 9am-6pm

Gloucester’s ONLY TV Repair SHOP!

We repair all brands of LCD/LED HDTV’s

Pick-Up & Delivery Available

What do we fix?

We fix LCD, LED, and Plasma TVs, specializing in the following brands:

Most Popular

Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Philips, Vizio, Sony, Insignia, Hitachi, Sanyo, RCA, Polaroid, Element, Toshiba, JVC, Olevia, Akai, Haier, Maxent, Sigmac, Viore, Pioneer, Sharp, Sylvania, and Zenith.

We sell New & Refurbished TV’s. Starting @ $50!

Does your TV have any of these symptoms?

  • No initial image on screen (no picture, but light indicating the unit is on)
  • Doesn’t turn on at all
  • LED in the front shows the TV is on but there is no image or sound
  • Tv turns on, sound works but no picture
  • LED in the front is blinking, and the image is not showing
  • TV turns on and then right back off
  • TV turns itself on and off constantly until unplugged
  • Sound is not working
  • Inputs are no longer working
  • image appears really faint
  • colors seem washed out or and solarized
  • Tv turns off randomly or after a specific set of time
  • Tv turns on but freezes
  • Tv is stuck in color test pattern mode

If so CALL US today! 804-684-5599